C o m m u n i t y   I n v e s t m e n t   V e n t u r e s   H o l d i n g s
Investment Approach

CIVH provides investors a fully empowered investment vehicle by creating an opportunity for them to participate in the next wave of growth in the technology and energy sectors.

Why We Are Different

CIVH stands out from the majority of empowerment, venture capital and private equity players by offering a multi-skilled and experienced management team with decades of operational experience in both the line management of leading technology companies as well as new venture development.

This operational experience is backed up with a proven track record in venture capital and private equity. This team has consistently displayed its ability to add value to portfolio companies in areas ranging from sales and marketing, to strategy, operations, vendor negotiations and budgeting. It is access to this reputable business network that continues to assist in providing quality deal flow and investment opportunities.

CIVH's broad-based, fully empowered investment vehicle, backed up by the entrepreneurial and commercial credentials of it's management team, provides exposure to a portfolio of sustainable and profitable technology assets with high-growth potential. This is supported by transparent disclosure and reporting and impeccable corporate governance credentials.


At CIVH, our view is that fundamental value creation takes patience, determination and hard work. We measure success based on results and believe operating discipline, in addition to vision and financial acumen, is a critical ingredient for success.
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