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about us

CIVH provides investors with a fully empowered investment vehicle providing an opportunity to participate in the next wave of growth in the power, telecommunications and information technology sectors.

The company was founded by a group of seasoned entrepreneurs and technology industry veterans in order to develop entrepreneurial companies in South Africa and sub-Sahara Africa. The evolution of the company into its current form was the result of consolidation of the assets of New Gx Capital, Community Investment Holdings (Pty) Limited (CIH) and the Rock-IT private equity fund.

New Gx Capital is a black owned and controlled private equity fund whose core focus is the telecommunications and power sectors. New Gx Capital is supported by the Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF), the largest African initiative of its kind, established to drive infrastructure development in Africa.

CIH is a black owned investment holding company with investments with the technology, logistics and health sectors.

The Rock-IT private equity fund was established in 1999, by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive technology industry experience. The Fund was a venture capital and private equity investor in technology companies.

The management team of CIVH prides itself on its technology industry knowledge, experience and network of associates and industry members. The team combines decades of management experience within leading technology companies with a proven track record in venture capital and private equity.

The group operates predominantly in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2008, CIVH entered into a partnership with Venfin Limited, who has since been acquired by Remgro Limited, to facilitate funding of the group’s growth. Remgro now holds an effective thirty per cent of CIVH’s telecommunications, power and services portfolios.
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